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Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, 1966 © JRC / The Hollywood Archive - All Rights Reserved


What are the terms for image use from The Hollywood Archive? 

You must review and accept our Terms of Service Agreement.


What is the size of the digital files?

The size indicated in the file information section of the image preview page is for the compressed JPEG size. A typical file, when uncompressed and ready to use, can be approximately 16 to 30+ megabytes.


When is the site updated?

The Hollywood Archive is updated in real time, as we receive the material from our content contributors.


Who do I contact if I need help finding an image?

If you are unable to find the images you are looking for, please contact The Hollywood Archive directly for assistance. We can draw on other resources that may not be available through our site. Please email us at photo@thehollywoodarchive.com


Does The Hollywood Archive offer content for personal use like web sites, blogs, social networking pages, etc?

Yes. We offer web resolution images for personal use. Contact photo@thehollywoodarchive.com for details and associated fees


How do I license content from The Hollywood Archive?

In order to license The Hollywood Archive content, you must be a media professional and contact use via email with your details. Once you have been vetted we will provide you with a username and password to search our Image Server. After we confirm your usage details including circulation, billing address, and the nature of your organization (magazine, book, newspaper, Website, or television outlet,etc.) we can then assign pricing. The Hollywood Archive logs each image download and records this information for billing purposes. Digital downloads adhere to The Hollywood Archive’s existing pricing structure. Only images actually used and/or published are subject to billing. It is the client’s responsibility to notify The Hollywood Archive of all usage.

Obtaining the rights to use The Hollywood Archive's images can be process. Once a user obtains permission from The Hollywood Archive, the user may need to obtain additional third party clearances for the intended use beyond strictly editorial use. This includes celebrity licensing and may also include permission from production studios as well.

The Hollywood Archive provides complete caption information when available. Information may or may not include the original source of the program or production company (if applicable), and is for informational purposes and as a courtesy to our clients. It is not meant to infer that the Studio or Network has any specific rights to the photographs. Each situation is unique. Therefore please contact The Hollywood Archive for clarification on a specific image. Also, please be aware that some images are unavailable for use in certain media, or for specific uses, due to various contractual restrictions and/or promotional interests related to those images. By entering the The Hollywood Archive site you are agreeing to The Hollywood Archive's Terms of Use.