Contributors and Collections

The Hollywood Archive

James Dean and Ursula Andress at the Villa Capri Restaurant in Los Angeles, 1955. The Hollywood Archive


Hollywood News Wire

Hollywood News Wire provides journalistic coverage of movies which are released in the United States. This includes movie premieres, events and previews, as well as celebrity interviews for print, radio and television both in the US and internationally. The company was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2002.


Pacific Rim Photo Press

Pacific Rim Photo Press - High Quality Asian Pacific & Latino Celebrity photos was formed in 2007. Our goal is to provide the best quality Asian Pacific and Latin celebrity event photos available directly to you.  Our photographers have at least 5 years industry experience, or more, in celebrity event photography. Their expertise will ensure that we will deliver quality photos to you.

In January 2007, several red carpet event photographers of Asian Pacific and Latin descent realized that the mainstream photo agencies weren't giving extensive photo coverage to Asian Pacific and Latin events or event posting photos of Asian Pacific and Latin celebrities on their site. By early 2008 this group of photographers finally launched the beta version of Pacific Rim Photo Press to fill the void that has been left by the mainstream photo agencies. Pacific Rim Photo Press recognizes the needs of various media outlets who are in search of Asian celebrity photos. The wait has ended and Pacific Rim Photo Press is your one stop site for celebrities that matter to you and your readers.



PictureLux is a leading independent photographic Celebrity and Entertainment Stock Photo Agency and Media Outlet.

We supply the highest quality photography to the world’s professional media companies on a daily basis. PictureLux has extensive experience covering major Entertainment and Celebrity feature events. A great blend of top experienced industry photographers, and dedicated Account executives make PictureLux a leader in the Celebrity Stock Photo industry.  Personal service is given to all clients by a dedicated sales and research staff and our editors work closely with all contributors, ensuring quality and consistency.

PictureLux's management team has been in the business of celebrity stock photography since 1989. We have thousands of images, great photographers, and a state of the art digital delivery system to bring all of the latest events and  Celebrity A-listers to your desktop from Hollywood and beyond.


JRC Photo Library

With over 1,000,000 images in the collection, JRC Photo Library holds some of the most interesting and diverse material anywhere. JRC is a unique collection featuring images from Hollywood's Golden Age to the present day as well as from Stage, Television, Cinema, Radio and Celebrity.  The entire Stock Photo Collection is available for license by the media and includes many never before seen celebrity and entertainment related images taken by the Photographer/Owners.


American Pictorial Collection

The American Pictorial Collection presents it's images as part of the record of the American past and reflects the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. Many of the images are a landmark in the history of documentary photography. The images show Americans at home, at work, and at play. In addition, a great body of images with emphasis  on music, films, television and general personalities is the centerpiece of the collection.


Cinema Publishers Collection

Cinema Publishers International is your definitive resource for the global print and digital publishing industry.

While delivering the latest publishing news and event information to the international community of publishing industry professionals, Cinema Publishers Intl. also functions as an information marketplace for publishing houses of all sizes, service providers to the publishing industry and also for individual artists authors, illustrators, designers, editors...


Fotos International *

Max B. Milllers's Fotos International started the worldwide syndication of entertainment articles and photos of Hollywood personalities and events. Offering an extensive and regularly updated library of:

"As we forge ahead into the digital age, we embrace a worldwide view and an expansive approach to photographic coverage. In so doing, we employ the latest technologies to bring to the world the best of photography as an art form and as an exciting record of history, politics, entertainment, and nature. We continually strive to create and preserve a world of profound beauty in every image that we bring to you. That is our commitment."

* defunct